Recreate your conference room with our interior design services

While we all can agree that unnecessary meetings are a drag, it's crucial to acknowledge the power of a well-designed conference room. For those essential meetings that must happen, a thoughtfully designed space equipped with the necessary tools can be a game-changer in productivity. As office managers and business owners, your role in creating these spaces is pivotal in enhancing the efficiency of your teams.

At Office Snapshots, we often use the term' Meeting room' to describe spaces where discussions occur. However, it's important to note that 'Conference Room' and 'Meeting Room' are often used interchangeably worldwide, showcasing the versatility of these terms. When we categorize project images, we differentiate these rooms based on their size and formality, even though their primary function as a space for people to gather remains the same. This understanding can empower you as an office manager or business owner.

Small Meeting Room: These intimate spaces are designed to accommodate six or fewer individuals, fostering a close-knit atmosphere for focused discussions. Imagine the productive energy that can be harnessed in a space where every voice can be heard and every idea can be explored.

Large Meeting Room: Meeting rooms that seat seven or more individuals.

Boardroom: More formal meeting spaces used for CEOs.